My thoughts on Salt

You may have noticed that there is something missing from most of my recipes…..salt! When you watch TV chefs they always add huge pinches of salt to whatever they are cooking, and competitors on cooking programmes always get told off for not adding enough salt. I don’t understand this – I rarely add salt!

Maybe it’s just my taste buds, but I think that the majority of recipes just don’t need it. The only regular time I use salt in my kitchen is when I cook pasta, and then it only goes in the boiling water. When I have guests I don’t put salt on the table, and nobody has ever asked for it. Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are times when you need to add a little salt to get flavour into otherwise bland things – I am just saying that it doesn’t go into my everyday cooking and it’s never been missed.

So many ready-made food items have salt in them and I think that, unless you are cooking everything from raw ingredients, chances are there is already enough salt – probably too much. People who have to stick to low salt diets are starting to be catered for with low- and reduced-salt versions of some products coming onto the market. I tend to buy these even though I am lucky enough not to need to.

Of course, if you feel that any of the dishes featured here need salt then you are going to add some whether or not it is in the recipe. That makes you a Recipe Adaptor!

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