Merry Christmas!

Well, the big day is nearly here. I hope that you are all prepared for the cooking that lies ahead. I know that I am!

Just in case you are still looking for some quick recipes to feed your guests tomorrow, I thought that I would point you in the direction of a couple of traditional favourites that I made last year.

These Simple Sausage Rolls make a tasty treat. I made them using leftover Christmas ham, but you can just leave that out if you don’t have any. My husband eats these like they are going out of fashion, including for breakfast!

Plus you can’t have Christmas without some Easy Fruit Mince Pies. I was never a big mince pie fan until I created these.

Anyway, I wish everybody a Merry Christmas! Hope you have a safe day, and I’ll be back on Tuesday with another recipe.

Vicky  🙂

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One Response to Merry Christmas!

  1. Those simple sausage rolls sound like a great idea for a gathering.

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