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On the Road: My trip to Bray on the Heston Blumenthal trail

In case you wondered why I didn’t post as usual on Wednesday – sorry – I have actually been on holiday in the UK for the past three weeks (on my way home now though). Anyway, at the time that I should have been … Continue reading

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Garlic and Chilli BBQ Prawns with Green Peppers

I love the colours of this simple BBQ dish. Big juicy prawns on the BBQ are quite often considered to be a traditional dish for Australia. I am lazy though and always buy prawns that have already been peeled. Just … Continue reading

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Weeknight Dinner: Speedy Tortilla Pizzas

These pizzas can be ready in five minutes. Of course the cooking time depends on the toppings that you use – I chose deli meats and tinned sweetcorn kernels so my pizzas were ready to eat once the cheese was melted.  These could easily be made … Continue reading

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Ginger and Coriander Burgers with Lime Chilli Mayo

These make a great addition to any BBQ menu. Sometimes it is nice to have slightly more unusual flavours than the standard beef burgers at a BBQ. These burgers are full of Asian flavours with ginger and coriander, plus rice … Continue reading

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Rustic Bread with Chorizo and Olives

This bread is full of Spanish flavours and makes a tasty lunch on its own. We recently bought three olive trees for our garden, and when we got them they were full of olives ready for picking. I made an … Continue reading

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Bacon, Chickpea and Spinach Salad

This is a great salad as a side dish for your next BBQ, or as a lunch on its own. The saltiness of the bacon and the feta make this a really tasty salad, especially when combined with the tanginess … Continue reading

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Independence Day: Star-Spangled Layer Cake

Happy Independence Day! If you need a quick last-minute cake for your celebration, then take a look at this one. Yes, I know – I have a thing for multi-coloured layer cakes and my star shaped pan. But this is … Continue reading

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BBQ Caribbean Chicken Wings with Chilli and Lime

To those of you in the Northern Hemisphere who are entering summer – fire up the BBQ! I love cooking on the grill and, living in Australia, we are lucky enough to be able to get outdoors during most of the year. … Continue reading

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