On the Road: My trip to Bray on the Heston Blumenthal trail

In case you wondered why I didn’t post as usual on Wednesday – sorry – I have actually been on holiday in the UK for the past three weeks (on my way home now though). Anyway, at the time that I should have been posting on this blog I was busy eating lunch in Bray. Those of you who have heard of Heston Blumenthal will know where that is. Those of you who haven’t heard of him have been missing out on some very interesting food.

Unfortunately our budget definitely does not stretch to Heston’s signature restaurant, The Fat Duck (shown above), so we decided to try out the food at The Crown, which is one of the two pubs that he owns in the village.

We were lucky because we arrived only fifteen minutes before they stopped serving lunch. There were a few people in the garden outside, but we decided to soak up the old beams inside (as there aren’t that many pubs with beams in Australia….). The fact that it was a sunny day meant that we were basically the only people indoors!

The lunch menu was a reasonable size and not particularly expensive. Well, it was probably slightly more expensive than usual UK pub food but to us it seemed fine as in Perth we are used to seeing main courses at easily twice the price (we don’t eat out very often!). The food is pretty traditional pub food with only slight touches of Heston – certainly nowhere near the dishes offered at The Fat Duck, but then I didn’t expect it to be as the prices are significantly cheaper.

My husband decided on the Baked Suet, Chicken, Ham and Mushroom Pie,  (unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a decent close-up photo of it before he tucked in), and I chose the Fish and Chips.

Both dishes were really nice and ideal portion sizes. I particularly liked the crispy batter on the fish, as well as the little ribbon-tied wrap around the lemon, plus the cute dish that the chips came in. My husband said that his pie was “the best pie that he had ever eaten in a pub” – I think he added the last few words to that sentence so I wasn’t offended by him liking it more than the pies I make at home! Of course I wouldn’t have been offended at all, as I would have expected this to be better.

We were tempted by dessert but decided to get back on the road as it was getting late in the afternoon and we had the traffic of the dreaded M25 motorway to deal with. Before we left we snapped a few more photos around the very pretty village.

Heston’s other pub, The Hinds Head

On our way home we are stopping in Dubai and afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab is on the schedule – I promise to take lots of photos.

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