Croque Monsieur French Toast

Why not combine a classic Croque Monsieur sandwich with fluffy French Toast?

I made this breakfast to celebrate two things. The first was that our chickens, who we got just over a month ago, have now presented us with 50 eggs. That’s not bad going for two chickens, neither of whom are a particularly high-laying breed. (We actually have three ‘chooks’, but one is not old enough to lay yet.) You really can tell the difference between their lovely eggs and the ones from the supermarket. For a start, the yolks are so much more yellow – even though the photos of the above sandwich look a little green!

The second celebration is that yesterday I finally got something that I have wanted in my kitchen for a few years now. A French Door fridge freezer 🙂 Now I can finally fit my cake dome into the fridge without having to completely empty a shelf to accommodate it.

I watched Nigella on TV last night making french toast, so I thought it would be good to combine that with ham and cheese to make the Croque Monsieur toasted sandwich with a twist.

Below are the ingredients for one sandwich – you therefore need to multiply it for however many sandwiches you need to feed your family.

 Ingredients – makes 1 sandwich:

  • 2 eggs
  • 2 splashes of milk (probably 2 tbsp total)
  • sprinkling of dried herbs, or you could use fresh finely chopped chives
  • black pepper, to season
  • 2 slices bread (I used white bread, cut slightly thicker than normal)
  • 2 slices ham
  • cheese, quite thinly sliced, enough to make a single layer on your bread


  • Place the eggs, milk, herbs and a sprinkle of pepper in a large, shallow dish that is big enough to hold both your slices of bread side by side in one layer.
  • Whisk together the egg mixture, then place the two pieces of bread into the mixture and lightly press the bread down to give it good contact with the egg.
  • Leave the bread for a couple of minutes to soak up the egg, then flip the bread and leave to soak on the other side for another couple of minutes. The bread should soak up more or less all the egg mixture.
  • Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and then cook the eggy bread for a couple of minutes one just one side.
  • Once nicely golden brown on that first side, flip one piece of bread over and then quickly put your ham and cheese onto the cooked side of that piece of bread. Sandwich your other piece of bread on top, making sure that it is the cooked side which is in contact with the ham/cheese filling.
  • Cook the sandwich as it is for a couple of minutes, then flip over to finish cooking the final side of the eggy bread. (Every side of your bread should now have been in contact with the pan.)
  • The sandwich is ready to serve when the bread is golden and the cheese is just melted.
  • Enjoy!

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