On Tour: Recipe Adaptors on a Princess cruise

We’ve just returned from our latest holiday – this year we went on a Princess cruise. As you might expect, one of the things that I was looking forward to was the food 🙂 I liked the idea of being able to get food at any time of the day, and we certainly didn’t go hungry.

We found ourselves eating in the buffet restaurant for most meals, mainly because of the view from the back of the ship. We never had trouble getting a table and we liked being able to eat as much as we wanted of a variety of foods. The choices on offer were usually very similar to those being served at the main restaurant but of course the setting was informal, which is what we want when on holiday. I wouldn’t say that the buffet food quality was like a fine restaurant, but we couldn’t fault it apart from sometimes there weren’t many green vegetables on offer. 

When we did eat in the main restaurant we experienced good service. We had a table for two, (our personal preference), but heard from others who were seated at larger tables that sometimes they found the meal took a little longer than they would have liked because they were waiting for others at the table who were chatting. We found that we could get through our 3-course meal plus coffee before other tables around us had finished their main courses.

In addition to the above there was also a pizzeria and a BBQ grill – my husband loved the cheeseburgers. We didn’t try the restaurants that had a cover charge as we just didn’t feel the need.

Other food experiences during the trip included a guided tour of the kitchen and a fruit & vegetable carving demonstration (impressive!). And I haven’t even mentioned the cocktails…

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