Perth Good Food and Wine Show 2014

Last weekend we spent a whole day at the Good Food and Wine Show here in Perth. The show is an ideal opportunity for us to try products that we would not normally see in the local supermarket or liquor shop.

We certainly weren’t disappointed with regards to gourmet food. One thing that we had never seen before was Alpaca meat. It actually tasted very nice. The Illawarra Prime Alpaca stall was selling various forms from pate to frozen koftas, and also giving out plenty of free samples. We decided to buy a pack of the koftas – they will make an interesting BBQ conversation piece when the weather improves.

Other favourites were black truffle mustard, and also the variety of fabulous cheeses from all over the world. Once again Belton were sampling their wonderful Bowland Christmas cake-flavoured cheese, and we also loved the soft cheese from Moondarra.

When we get thirsty we always head straight for the South Australian wine sections. This year’s favourites were Majella, Dowie Doole and Rock Bare. It is always interesting to talk to the wine makers and hear their enthusiasm for their product.


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One Response to Perth Good Food and Wine Show 2014

  1. whipadish says:

    Visited Melbourne and Adelaide a couple of weeks ago. Really love the cheeses! Needless to say we bought quite a bit to bring back home – and they are oh so fresh!! 😀

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