Cheap and Easy: Vegetable Soups to fill you up

I have a confession to make. Last weekend I decided to make a soup to share with you. I came up with an idea, shopped, then cooked and photographed it. When I was saving the photos onto the computer I realised that I had made basically the same recipe a year ago. Doh – so much for that idea 😉

Anyway, as I don’t want to skip my usual Wednesday post, here are a few soup recipes that I’ve made in the past, starting with the above-mentioned Roast Sweet Potato and Parsnip soup.

For a complete meal in a bowl, try my Chunky Vegetable Soup with Tortellini.


This Tomato and Lentil Soup doesn’t need to be blended before serving.


And finally – one of my personal favourites and beautifully coloured – this Beetroot and Fennel Soup.


Now I have to figure out what to cook for you this weekend – I’ll try to make it something I haven’t posted before!

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