Choc Cherry Meringue Sundae

You can put these together in 5 minutes.

These sundaes look impressive, especially if you have nice serving dishes, but they require no cooking skills ūüôā I must admit that these are more of an assembly job than a recipe, especially if you use shop-bought meringue drops rather than making your own (like I did).

You can also make ingredient substitutions according to what you have РI used frozen pitted cherries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup, but feel free to use any fruit, ice cream or syrup flavour. 

If you do want to make your own meringue drops, you can follow this recipe. Remember to leave out the booze if you are making these for children, and make the meringue drops quite small so they are bite-sized to go into your sundae.

I’ve given the ingredients for 1 large sundae, so multiply as required.

Ingredients – makes 1 sundae:

  • 4 small¬†scoops your favourite ice cream
  • 6 small meringue drops, either shop-bought or home-made
  • handful of frozen pitted cherries or other berries/fruit, thawed slightly
  • chocolate syrup, to drizzle


  • Scoop half the ice cream into your serving dish, then add half of the meringue drops and half the cherries. Drizzle with a little chocolate syrup.
  • Spoon over the remaining ice cream and cherries.
  • Top the sundae with the remaining meringue drops and a good drizzle of chocolate syrup.
  • Serve and enjoy!

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