Easy Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups

These are perfect for the weekend.

If you like the idea of a cooked breakfast but don’t want big pans to wash, this recipe is perfect. All you need is a 6-hole large ‘Texas’ muffin pan.

I love the combination of ham and eggs, and the melted cheese in these cups is a great surprise. The mustard flavour also adds a little something – but if you don’t like mustard then just spread both sides of the bread with butter.

Other adaptations include using tortillas instead of bread, or adding baked beans to the cup before you crack the egg. Be careful when you eat it though as beans can get very hot.

The recipe is simple to multiply if you have more mouths to feed.

Ingredients – serves 4 as a light breakfast:

  • 4 slices bread
  • butter or margarine, to spread on one side of each piece of bread
  • your favourite mustard,to spread on one side of each piece of bread
  • 4 slices deli ham
  • approx 50g/2 oz grated cheese
  • 4 eggs
  • fresh chives, finely chopped, optional to serve


  • Heat your oven to 200C/180C fan forced/390F.
  • Spray 4 holes of a 6-hole large ‘Texas’ muffin pan with a little cooking spray.
  • Use a rolling pin to flatten out the bread slices, then spread one side of each slice with butter and the other with mustard.
  • Put the bread, butter-side down, into the prepared holes of the muffin pan to form your cups.
  • Put a slice of deli ham into each of the bread cups so it takes the same shape as the bread.
  • Divide the grated cheese between the cups.
  • Crack an egg into each cup.
  • Bake for about 18-20 minutes or until the eggs are cooked to your liking. (18 minutes should leave the eggs slightly runny)
  • Remove from the oven and carefully lift the breakfast cups from the pan.
  • Top each cup with some finely chopped fresh chives, if you have them.
  • Serve and enjoy!

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