Choc Chunk Ice Cream Sandwiches


As those of you who are regulars to this blog will know, I am always on the lookout for recipes that I can adapt to make them easier or different. These delicious ice cream sandwiches are actually an adaptation of a couple of my own recipes from some time ago. Combining the two is the perfect homemade dessert treat 🙂

The great thing about these is that you can make the components in advance, tailor the size of the sandwiches to your guests (that is, make smaller versions for kids), and if you have left over cookies or ice cream then you can eat them separately.

If you follow the recipes then you can make 5 large ice cream sandwiches.


Ice cream

Cookies – replace the caramel and choc chips with 1/2 cup choc chunks, and make large cookies rather than small ones


  • Make the ice cream following the linked recipe. Pour the ice cream into a shallow container and place in the freezer for at least 4-5 hours to set.
  • Make the cookies following the linked recipe and then set aside on a wire rack to cool completely.
  • When the ice cream has set, use a round cutter which is roughly the same size as your cookies to cut out a disc of ice cream.
  • Quickly sandwich the ice cream disc between 2 cookies and serve immediately. Repeat for the rest of your cookies.
  • Enjoy!

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