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Mmmm cakes and cookies….

Sparkling Apple Loaf

This loaf is perfect for brunch. If you love apples then this is the fruit bread for you as it is full of their sweet flavours as well as some deliciously juicy apple pieces. It is also really easy to … Continue reading

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Australia Day: Cheat’s Choc Raspberry Lamington Cupcakes with Pavlova Frosting

These are much easier to make than you would think :-) I realised at the weekend that I haven’t made cupcakes since last Australia Day. This year I decided to combine two Australian classics – Lamingtons and Pavlova. One of my friends has … Continue reading

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Carrot, Pine nut and Pepita Loaf

Perfect for lunch or an afternoon snack. Carrots are naturally sweet and are great in all kinds of baking, not just carrot cake. This is the perfect way to add vegetables into your diet as you really don’t notice that … Continue reading

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Ginger Shortbread Fingers

This is an ideal alternative to Gingerbread. December is here so it is time to break into the holiday recipes :-) I only usually bake shortbread around Christmas although I must admit that I don’t find it particularly exciting. The buttery flavour … Continue reading

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Zucchini, Tomato and Cheese Tart with a Polenta crust

This is just like a quiche but with no pastry. I saw a recipe in the December 2015 issue of magazine and it gave me the idea for this tart. My recipe is a significantly simplified version of the … Continue reading

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Cheat’s Apple and Cinnamon Cake

This cake is super simple. I love making cakes which look and taste like I’ve spent hours in the kitchen – but which actually require me to make minimal effort. This recipe requires only 5 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to mix. It … Continue reading

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Recipe Round up: Halloween for a Crowd

If you don’t want to give trick-or-treaters a handful of candy from the supermarket, why don’t you make your own treats this year? I thought I would re-visit a few of my easy sweet recipes that will feed a crowd … Continue reading

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Pumpkin, Pine nut and Parmesan Damper

Delicious bread with minimal effort. With Halloween nearly here I thought it was time to create something using pumpkin. Damper is a super simple recipe to make your own bread – it is also quick as it contains no yeast which means … Continue reading

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BBQ Beef and Egg Pies with Cheesy Crouton Crust

These are my twist on a Scotch Egg. These tasty pies are really simple and quick to make. No pre-cooking is required, unlike with traditional Scotch Eggs where you have to boil the eggs first and wait for them to … Continue reading

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Herb and Garlic Focaccia

This is a perfect bread for novice bakers. Whenever I make bread I always worry about whether it will rise sufficiently. There is no need to worry with this recipe, because focaccia is supposed to be wide and flat :-)Continue reading

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