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Cheat’s Sweet Potato Ravioli with Bacon Butter Sauce

This is how you make delicious ravioli with minimal mess. Making pasta from scratch is a skill that my husband taught himself a couple of years ago, but it makes a bit of mess and takes time to roll out the dough. I’ve … Continue reading

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Easy Cheese and Bacon Pull Apart Loaf

Definitely not low carb :-) This pull-apart loaf is a super simple and versatile appetiser or party snack. The best thing is that it requires no baking skills – just buy the loaf from your baker or supermarket. The beautiful … Continue reading

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Bacon Cheeseburger Salad

All the classic burger flavours in a salad. If you are looking for something different to have for lunch or as part of a BBQ meal, this salad might suit. It is really easy to make and delicious. I especially … Continue reading

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Bacon and Egg Cornbread

These are perfect for brunch. I know it wasn’t that long ago that I posted a bacon & egg recipe but I knew I had to share these with you. These are perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch, and equally … Continue reading

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Bacon and Egg Croissant Bake

Bacon and eggs but with a twist. This tasty breakfast would make a perfect start to Valentine’s Day next Saturday as it is a little bit more fancy than a bacon and egg roll but it doesn’t cost that much more. Another bonus is that you … Continue reading

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Homemade Smoky Baked Beans with Bacon

There is no luminous orange tomato sauce around these baked beans. I love store-bought baked beans but I always wonder what makes the sauce as orange as it sometimes is (especially in the cheaper varieties). Last weekend I thought I … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Party Food: Recipe Round-up

Are you planning on watching the big game this weekend? Having a Super Bowl party doesn’t really work here in Perth as the game is on at 7am on Monday, but I know there will be a lot of you in the … Continue reading

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Ultimate Sausage and Bacon Quiche

Monster quiche! With the holiday season here, I know a lot of people will have overnight guests at some point soon. This is a perfect make-ahead breakfast or brunch as it is actually best once it has been in the … Continue reading

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Bacon and Tomato Gnocchi al Forno

Delicious. If you can fry bacon then you can make this – it is super easy and quick to put together, and it cooks in the oven in just 30 minutes. If you’ve read this blog before then you probably know … Continue reading

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Loaded Baked Sweet Potato with Bacon and Cheese

Savoury sweet potato! Baked potatoes are something that we rarely have because they just don’t sell big enough white potatoes in the supermarket here. However, last week I bought a few sweet potatoes to load up instead :-) As with … Continue reading

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