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Left-over Magic: Turkey and Bacon Macaroni Bake

Bookmark this recipe until you have holiday left-overs…. Sometimes left-overs can be a major issue – they sit around in the fridge for days because everybody has already eaten enough at the ‘first sitting’. However, this turkey and bacon macaroni is so … Continue reading

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Pea and Bacon Soup

Green! This is a very simple but flavourful soup. The addition of bacon really transforms the dish – and it is much easier than the traditional method of using a ham hock. This is perfect for when you have guests … Continue reading

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Cheat’s Sweet Potato Ravioli with Bacon Butter Sauce

This is how you make delicious ravioli with minimal mess. Making pasta from scratch is a skill that my husband taught himself a couple of years ago, but it makes a bit of mess and takes time to roll out the dough. I’ve … Continue reading

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Easy Cheese and Bacon Pull Apart Loaf

Definitely not low carb :-) This pull-apart loaf is a super simple and versatile appetiser or party snack. The best thing is that it requires no baking skills – just buy the loaf from your baker or supermarket. The beautiful … Continue reading

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Bacon Cheeseburger Salad

All the classic burger flavours in a salad. If you are looking for something different to have for lunch or as part of a BBQ meal, this salad might suit. It is really easy to make and delicious. I especially … Continue reading

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Bacon and Egg Cornbread

These are perfect for brunch. I know it wasn’t that long ago that I posted a bacon & egg recipe but I knew I had to share these with you. These are perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch, and equally … Continue reading

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Bacon and Egg Croissant Bake

Bacon and eggs but with a twist. This tasty breakfast would make a perfect start to Valentine’s Day next Saturday as it is a little bit more fancy than a bacon and egg roll but it doesn’t cost that much more. Another bonus is that you … Continue reading

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Homemade Smoky Baked Beans with Bacon

There is no luminous orange tomato sauce around these baked beans. I love store-bought baked beans but I always wonder what makes the sauce as orange as it sometimes is (especially in the cheaper varieties). Last weekend I thought I … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Party Food: Recipe Round-up

Are you planning on watching the big game this weekend? Having a Super Bowl party doesn’t really work here in Perth as the game is on at 7am on Monday, but I know there will be a lot of you in the … Continue reading

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Ultimate Sausage and Bacon Quiche

Monster quiche! With the holiday season here, I know a lot of people will have overnight guests at some point soon. This is a perfect make-ahead breakfast or brunch as it is actually best once it has been in the … Continue reading

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