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Recipe Re-visit: Beer-based Pizza with Tuna and Pine Nuts

There are now so many recipes on this blog that I thought I would make these recipe re-visits a regular occurrence. I first made this pizza four years ago and I still remember how tasty it was. The dough is made … Continue reading

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Beer-based Pizza with Tuna and Pinenuts

This pizza contains beer. If you are planning drinks with friends then this is an ideal snack as it takes only minutes to make. It is also perfect for a weeknight dinner or a lazy weekend lunch. The fact that the dough contains beer … Continue reading

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Lentil, Mushroom and Guinness Mini Pies

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I couldn’t resist sharing a dish containing some good Irish alcohol. Beef and Guinness is a pretty traditional filling for pies, so I thought I would twist that slightly by replacing the meat with some tasty … Continue reading

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Beer Bread with Chorizo and Caramelised Onions

Bored with making normal sandwiches? This bread is baked with its fillings. When you make lunch out of this loaf you don’t need to add any extra fillings as the bread itself is already packed full of favourite items – beer, spicy chorizo and … Continue reading

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Sea Salt and Chilli Pretzels

These tasty pretzels are really good with a big glass of beer….or two. To me, pretzels usually come out of a packet and are more like tiny little salted crackers. I think I much prefer this version – they are … Continue reading

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Last Minute: Corned Beef with Buttery Cabbage and Bacon

Happy St Patrick’s Day! If you (like my Dad) are being forced to make Corned Beef & Cabbage, then why not try this recipe instead of your usual one. Cooking the beef in this way really makes it flavoursome and … Continue reading

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Kilkenny Irish Ale and Chocolate Cake

Looking for a boozy treat to feed everyone at your St. Patrick’s Day get-together? You’ve found one. There are lots of cake recipes on the web that include Guinness or stout but some people can find that kind of beer … Continue reading

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Simple Mexican Beer Pulled Pork

If you’ve had enough of standing over a hot stove in the last couple of weeks, then try this recipe using your slow cooker. It really is simple. Plus it contains beer – bonus! The ingredients in this dish give a … Continue reading

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Spiced Beer Glazed Ham

This year I decided to try using beer to glaze our Christmas ham. Big success!  I knew as soon as I mixed up the glaze ingredients in the saucepan that this was going to work well – flavoursome stout (dark beer) … Continue reading

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Beer and Bacon Bread

This is one of the tastiest breads that I have ever made. It is also probably one of the easiest because you just mix together the ingredients – no proving, no kneading. The density of the bread means it is great to eat … Continue reading

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