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Recipe Re-visit: Giant Anzac Biscuits

Wednesday (25th April) is Anzac Day in Australia. Anzac Day is the anniversary of the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War, and these biscuits are very traditional. It was back … Continue reading

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Tim Tam Chocolate Cheesecake

Tim Tams are an Australian food icon. It has been a long time since I’ve made a cheesecake. They take a little bit of assembly, but it is worth the effort. Don’t be put off making this because Tim Tams … Continue reading

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Cranberry and Double Choc Biscotti

Ideal for dunking in coffee. For some reason I have always thought that biscotti were difficult to make – but these aren’t. They are delicious on their own but also are the perfect accompaniment to a good coffee or even … Continue reading

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Recipe Re-visit: Caramel and Choc Chip Cookies

I baked a batch of these cookies last weekend and it still amazes me how good they are. I can’t believe that is was 2012 when I first found this recipe! These are super simple to make and I’ve never had … Continue reading

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Golden Syrup ‘Melting Moments’ cookies

If you like butter cookies then you’ll love these. As the name suggests, these really do melt in your mouth. Melting Moments are quite a common recipe, but I’ve not encountered them with golden syrup as an ingredient until I … Continue reading

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Choc Chunk Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yum. As those of you who are regulars to this blog will know, I am always on the lookout for recipes that I can adapt to make them easier or different. These delicious ice cream sandwiches are actually an adaptation … Continue reading

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Ginger Shortbread Fingers

This is an ideal alternative to Gingerbread. December is here so it is time to break into the holiday recipes 🙂 I only usually bake shortbread around Christmas although I must admit that I don’t find it particularly exciting. The buttery flavour … Continue reading

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Double Peanut Butter Cookies

Happy Fourth of July! I thought I would bring this weekend’s blog post forward by a day in order to say hello to all my American readers. I know that many of you will be celebrating with BBQ food, but if you are responsible for … Continue reading

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Choc Chip Butter Cookies

Easy to make and ideal for afternoon tea. These delicate cookies use only a few ingredients but taste delicious. I especially love the light, buttery texture. You can easily adapt the flavourings and also make a larger batch if required. … Continue reading

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Simple Savoury Shortbread Biscuits

These melt in your mouth. These probably aren’t technically ‘shortbread’ biscuits as the ratio of the ingredients doesn’t match the traditional method, but my husband certainly thought the texture was similar. Who am I to argue? 🙂 If you are looking for … Continue reading

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