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Cheat’s Deep Pan: Cob Loaf Pizza

Say cheese. Deep pan pizza is super delicious but sometimes making the base from scratch is just too much work. This recipe is the ultimate cheat’s version – it uses a hollowed out cob loaf instead šŸ™‚ As always, pizza … Continue reading

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Beetroot, Green Bean and Blue Cheese Salad

Healthy eating required after the holidays? Salad is often the first choice when people are looking for lighter food options. However, there is no law against salads with a lot of flavour. This dish uses a tiny amount of blue … Continue reading

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Baked Brie with a Oregano & Garlic Bread Roll Wreath

Let’s party! If you need a recipe for a party buffet plate then this is ideal. The bread rolls can be made any size you like which is perfect if you want to share with a lot of people. Cheese … Continue reading

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Pea, Onion and Parmesan Tart

Another egg recipe šŸ™‚ Our chickens have gone into over-drive with their laying, so eggs have become top of my ingredients list at the moment! This tart is a variation of my usual quiche recipe – it uses baby peas, … Continue reading

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Oven-baked Parmesan Pasta Bites

Best appetisers. Ever. Crispy, crunchy, cheesy, perfect bite-size, easy. There are a lot of recipes online for fried (orĀ ‘toasted’) ravioli but, as you might have noticed if you are a regular Recipe Adaptors reader, I’m not a fan of deep … Continue reading

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Cheese and Mushroom Lattice Pies

Perfect for lunch. Buttery mushrooms are the perfect partner to the two types of cheese in these pies, making themĀ really delicious. They are theĀ ideal size for an indulgent lunch and you can even pick them up if that is the … Continue reading

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Muffin Pan Macaroni and Cheese

Mini mac and cheese. This version of macaroni and cheese is quick to make as you don’t have to spend time preparing a cheese sauce. That means you can have the entire dish done in under 30 minutes. The cheese … Continue reading

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Two Cheese and Spinach Puffs

Super tasty. These delicious pastry puffs are simple to make and extra cheesy šŸ™‚ It is amazing how much flavour is produced by the 3 main ingredients in the filling. And, this would be an ideal lunch if you are … Continue reading

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Brunch Treat: Cheat’s Bacon and Cheese Pastries

Just three ingredients šŸ™‚ These delicious pastries are an ideal treat for a weekend brunch. They are super simple to put together and quick to cook too. I used bacon and cheddar cheese in my pastries but of course you … Continue reading

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Pepperoni and Olive Pizza Scrolls

Perfect for a lunch box. IĀ  love pizza but the traditional format can be a little hard to pack into a lunch box or picnic basketĀ without it folding or getting squashed. These scrolls are completely the oppositeĀ as they areĀ packable and … Continue reading

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