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Chorizo and Mushroom Hand Pies

So cute and only 5 ingredients. These little hand pies are really easy to make, and you can pretty much fill them with whatever you like – you don’t have to stick to my recipe 🙂 I used sliced button … Continue reading

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Mexican Beef and Black Bean Burgers

Giant burgers – yum! These delicious burgers are super versatile and perfect for your next family BBQ. The beef and black bean patties are extra tasty because of the spices in the mixture. You can then top them with your favourite … Continue reading

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Loaded Chicken and Chorizo Soup

A hearty meal in a bowl. This tasty soup is quick to make and also very filling. The inclusion of beans, sweetcorn and kale means it is packed with nutrients too. I really love the mild spiciness that the chorizo … Continue reading

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Spanish Fried Rice

Fried rice doesn’t have to be Chinese. I really fancied some fried rice for dinner over the weekend but I didn’t have any of the traditional ingredients like prawns, pork or chicken. So I decided to be a little different by … Continue reading

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One Pan Dinner: Spanish Omelette with Chorizo and Potato

This is great for brunch or dinner. The addition of chorizo and potatoes turn a simple omelette into a full scale meal. I must admit that there is a little bit of preparation (i.e. chopping) required, and this does take … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Baked Risotto

Don’t stand and stir your risotto – stick it in the oven. I don’t mind admitting that I am an inherently lazy person so a baked risotto has always appealed to me more than a traditional one. However I’ve never … Continue reading

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Simple Savoury Snack: Popcorn with Chorizo and Oregano

Popcorn just got exciting. I must admit that I’ve never been a huge fan of popcorn. When I do eat it, I prefer the butter or salted varieties instead of sweet. However now I’ve made this version I don’t think I will settle for butter anymore. … Continue reading

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Baked Stuffed Peppers with Chorizo, Beans and Egg

This is a really easy brunch idea. My lovely neighbour gave me a few green capsicums, (bell peppers if you are from anywhere outside Australia 🙂 ), and they worked perfectly for this recipe. These are really easy to put … Continue reading

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Sweet Potato and Chorizo Hash with Eggs

Delicious. If you want a quick and hearty breakfast you can’t go wrong with this. There are only a few ingredients but there is certainly no lack of flavour. It takes less than 20 minutes to cook and doesn’t require … Continue reading

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Weeknight Dinner: Sausage and Chickpea Stew

Sausages are so comforting. This is the perfect dinner for a weeknight – it cooks quickly in one pot, plus it is tasty and filling. The big chunky sausages are appealing to the whole family and I love the slightly spicy flavour from the chorizo … Continue reading

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