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Cheat’s Apple and Cinnamon Cake

This cake is super simple. I love making cakes which look and taste like I’ve spent hours in the kitchen – but which actually require me to make minimal effort. This recipe requires only 5 ingredients and takes 5 minutes to mix. It … Continue reading

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Cheat’s Cinnamon Scroll Pastries

Don’t go to a bakery to buy pastries for brunch. I love classic cinnamon rolls but rarely have time to make them. However this recipe is so quick that these will become a regular weekend menu item. The resulting scrolls … Continue reading

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Cinnamon and Walnut Bread

This is the best thing to come out of my bread maker. Please don’t think this is just plain brown bread because it is so much more. It is cinnamon deliciousness with a beautiful crust and pieces of walnut which … Continue reading

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Apple and Cinnamon Tea Cake

This is such an easy cake to make. I found this recipe in one of my old school books – I must have cooked it when I was about 12! Sometimes the old recipes can’t be beaten. This cake smells … Continue reading

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True Love: Iced Cinnamon Rolls

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! If you are still looking for a last-minute sweet treat to make for your loved one(s), then try these. I must say that even I was surprised by how delicious these rolls turned out. The dough is extremely … Continue reading

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Apple Cinnamon Muffins

If you are looking for something easy but tasty for brunch this weekend these muffins would be ideal. The apple and cinnamon combination is such a classic. The chunks of apple and also the inclusion of some oats give the muffins … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Rice Pudding

Until today, the rice pudding that we have had in our house has come from a can. Not anymore. To be honest, I couldn’t believe how creamy and delicious this turned out, especially as it was so easy to make. … Continue reading

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