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Recipe Re-visit: Turkey Meatballs with Butternut and Cranberry Cream Sauce

All the holiday flavours with little effort. I came up with this recipe back in 2012 as an holiday alternative for people who might not want to roast a whole turkey. You could also make a variation using left-overs rather … Continue reading

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Layered Christmas Pie

Christmas dinner in a pie. This pie was one of the very first recipes that I posted on Recipe Adaptors back in 2010. It really was delicious and I thought it deserved a special re-visit. I must therefore apologise for the photos because … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

The big day is nearly here so I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas 🙂 I don’t have a new recipe for you today but, if you end up with lots of left-over food … Continue reading

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Recipe Round-up: Christmas Main Courses

Today I thought I would re-cap a few of my favourite Holiday dinners from previous years here on Recipe Adaptors. If you want to see more Christmas recipes, you can click here. Let your crockpot do all the work with my … Continue reading

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Left-over Magic: Turkey and Bacon Macaroni Bake

Bookmark this recipe until you have holiday left-overs…. Sometimes left-overs can be a major issue – they sit around in the fridge for days because everybody has already eaten enough at the ‘first sitting’. However, this turkey and bacon macaroni is so … Continue reading

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Recipe Round-up: Lighter options for a BBQ

With the summer season approaching for those living in the northern hemisphere, I thought I would take this opportunity to re-visit some of my favourite lighter options for BBQs. I think it is always good to offer guests something which could … Continue reading

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Party Food: Turkey, Cranberry and Stuffing Sausage Rolls

The taste of Christmas dinner in one bite. These are really easy to make and, because of their size, you get a lot of tasty food from not a lot in the way of ingredients. The turkey and stuffing give you all the … Continue reading

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Satay Turkey Stir Fry Salad

This is a simple, colourful stir fry. If you like Asian flavours but don’t have a pantry full of sauces to make them, this recipe might suit you. The only item which you may not have is fresh root ginger, … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo: Mexican weeknight dinners

Tomorrow is the Mexican celebration of Cinco de Mayo – the 5th May. I thought I would re-visit a few recipes that are perfect for a weeknight dinner so you can enjoy some tasty Mexican food without spending all day … Continue reading

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Turkey and Stuffing Kebabs

Christmas dinner on a stick. If you live in the southern hemisphere (like me) and will be having a hot Christmas, perhaps this idea might fit in with your plans better than a major roast dinner. These kebabs are ideal … Continue reading

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