Hi! My name is Vicky and I live just outside of Perth in sunny Western Australia. My husband and I moved here in 2005 from the UK.

After reading quite a few food blogs I finally decided to create my own and Recipe Adaptors was born in December 2010. The aim is to give you tasty food, but in an easier and cheaper way than the original recipe. Of course, some new recipes of my own will pop in too!

I do a reasonable amount of cooking at home and I like to stick to a budget, but with my husband being a relatively fussy eater I find that I have to adapt most of the recipes I want to cook to suit his tastes. Not much point in cooking food that isn’t going to get eaten! He is getting more adventurous though, so that is lucky for me.

I love buying recipe magazines, but also find inspiration from recipe apps, Pinterest, and food websites. Hopefully you find some of my recipe adaptations to be interesting and useful.

I would also like to persuade my friends and family to contribute to this blog with their own recipes and adaptations. If you have anything that you would like to share then please let me know.

Wherever I can I will provide a weblink to the original recipes that I have adapted. Sometimes this might not be possible, (for example when a magazine does not publish all recipes on the web), but then I will provide as much information about the original source as I can. In the spirit of fairness, please don’t copy my recipes, recipe adaptations or photographs without providing a link to my blog as a courtesy – thanks!


User Name: brianporter23

Brian is my Dad, an Australian living in California, USA. We often swap recipes (like Beef Wellington). I hope that he will be a regular Recipe Adaptor as he does a lot of cooking!

Vicky and Brian

Vicky and Brian