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Choc Chunk Ice Cream Sandwiches

Yum. As those of you who are regulars to this blog will know, I am always on the lookout for recipes that I can adapt to make them easier or different. These delicious ice cream sandwiches are actually an adaptation … Continue reading

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Choc Caramel Ice Cream Pudding

This is an ideal alternative Christmas dessert. With the rush of cooking on Christmas morning, it is great to get as much as possible prepared in advance. This ice cream pudding can be made now and just popped in the freezer … Continue reading

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Recipe Round-up: Ice Cream Cakes

With the warm weather approaching in the southern hemisphere (where I live) and also still just hanging on in the northern hemisphere, I thought I would take this opportunity to look at a few of my favourite ice cream cake recipes from … Continue reading

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Raspberry Jelly and Ice Cream Pie

Only 7 ingredients for a delicious dessert. Ice cream cakes are simple to make and very versatile. I particularly love this version as it doesn’t use store-bought ice cream. There is just something special about telling guests that you made your … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Party Food: Recipe Round-up

Are you planning on watching the big game this weekend? Having a Super Bowl party doesn’t really work here in Perth as the game is on at 7am on Monday, but I know there will be a lot of you in the … Continue reading

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Cheat’s Vanilla Ice Cream

This has got to be the world’s easiest home-made ice cream. You don’t need a fancy ice cream maker and no churning is required. If you have an electric mixer or whisk, this will take just a couple of minutes … Continue reading

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Last minute dessert: Individual Ice Cream Cakes

You can get your kids to make these. If you are still looking for inspiration for your Christmas dessert, you can make these with whatever ice cream and other treats you have in the house. And the best thing is … Continue reading

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Choc Cherry Meringue Sundae

You can put these together in 5 minutes. These sundaes look impressive, especially if you have nice serving dishes, but they require no cooking skills 🙂 I must admit that these are more of an assembly job than a recipe, … Continue reading

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Toffee Pecan Ice Cream Pie – by Brian

This is really easy to make. If you want to treat your family, or if you have a party coming up soon, this might be the ideal dessert. The hardest thing about making it is crushing the Almond Roca (or any chocolate covered … Continue reading

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Choc, Caramel and Cookies Layered Ice Cream Cake

All the best treats in one cool cake. This is the perfect weekend dessert for the family, or you could serve it at a summer BBQ party. It is super simple to put together but is very impressive to look … Continue reading

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